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Understanding Pet Stain Removal
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Understanding Carpet Stain Removal
Rust Ink Kool Aid Gum
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Rust * Ink * Kool Aid * Gum

The Fearsome Foursome and How to Battle Them

The most common hard to remove stains are rust, ink, Kool AidŽ and chewing gum. Many breakthroughs have been made by the chemists in the cleaning industry to deal with these stains. The problem is that every time a product manufacturer, say such as a company that makes ink pens, changes the formula for the ink it creates a new problem for the cleaning industry to deal with. Keeping up with product changes has been the biggest dilemma for professional carpet cleaners who provide stain removal for their customers.

Remember to always test the fabric for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area of the carpet or upholstery before you use any stain removal product.

Rust Removal

The rust stain (metal oxidation) is still very common especially in homes that have aquariums and planters with metal stands. Another common sources of the stain are upholstered furniture that has metal feet. The customer does not necessarily have to spill water around the metal to cause rust. Metal oxidation transfer to carpet can occur on carpet simply from the moisture in the atmosphere. In commercial accounts there are a countless number of ways that rust can transfer to the carpet from file cabinets, caster wheels, furniture feet, etc.

To remove the rust stain pick a product from Tennessee Specialty Supply that best suits your needs and your budget. Next, saturate the stain with the rust remover. You will notice that the stain is slowly disappearing. When the rust stain is no longer visible flush the affected area with plenty of, then extract or blot dry.

Ink Removal

Ink is a tough stain to remove. There are so many variations of the product on the market today that it is hard to know what kind of ink you are dealing with. The best thing to do is to keep a couple of different ink removers in your kit. When one doesn't work on the ink stain, try the other. Tennessee Specialty Supply stocks two different ink removal formulas that should give you enough ammunition to remove this tough stain.

To remove the ink stain, first pour water in a ring around the stain. The reason for this step is to limit any chance of the stain transferring to the carpet fibers surrounding the stain during the stain removal process. Next, saturate the stain with an all-purpose detergent. Allow the detergent to set for one minute. Follow by tamping (hitting as with a hammer) vigorously with a brush, taking care not to splatter the stain to other parts of the carpet. Next, flush with plenty of water, then extract and blot dry.

If this step has not removed the stain then it is not washable ink, but it is permanent ink and the following steps must be taken. First, make another ring of water surrounding the stain. Next, moisten the ink stain with the ink remover product. Blot gently with a soft towel to remove the ink, take care that you do not rub the towel into the stain. Repeat the process until the stain is removed. Flush with plenty of water, then extract or blot dry.

Gum Removal

Never use any Gum Remover to remove gum from humans or pets.

Wow! There sure are a lot of methods out there for gum removal. Tennessee Specialty Supply takes a common sense approach to gum removal. They stock the products for two different methods of gum removal. The first being the "freeze and chip" method and the second is the "liquefy and extract system". We recommend that if you should stick with the method that you are comfortable with. Both take care and practical experience to achieve the desired results.

The Freeze and Chip Method for Removing Gum

This method requires that you purchase a can of gum freeze. Tennessee Specialty Supply recommends the HCR brand called "Frosty". First spray directly on the chewing gum until it freezes hard. Next chip the gum off with a bone knife until all the gum is removed. Take care not to remove the fabric fibers when removing gum with this method.

gum removal cont'd.

The Liquefy and Extract System

Tennessee Specialty Supply recommends the DSC product called Exclude or the HCR product called Gel Zov. Both are excellent choices when liquefying gum, especially in commercial areas where chewing gum is found literally everywhere on the carpet. It is economical to use and extremely effective when incorporated with a carpet extraction method of cleaning.

Begin by removing excess gum with a bone knife. Next poke holes in the gum using a nail or similar tool. Follow this by applying the Exclude or the Gel Zov and allow to set for 2 minutes. Next, if you are cleaning the carpet with extraction cleaning equipment, simply flush and extract with hot water to remove the liquefied gum. If spot cleaning, agitate the treated gum with a bone knife, flush with plenty of water and extract or blot dry.

NOTE: In large areas it is recommended to make a tool using an old broom handle with a finishing nail inserted in one end to poke holes in the gum. This will really speed up the process in problem commercial accounts.

Kool AidŽ Removal

The chemists in the cleaning products industry are getting closer all the time to achieving consistent results with their Kool Aid stain removal formulas. Stainblaster Kool Aid Stain Remover formula from HCR and has satisfied many Tennessee Specialty Supply customers. They have given a lot of positive feedback with regard to the stain removing ability of the product and they especially like the fact that it is a one part solution that really works.

To remove the Kool Aid Stain begin by flushing the stain with water and extracting to remove any traces of inferior products left over from the attempt of the customer or another carpet cleaner to remove the stain. After this apply the Stainblaster product directly from the bottle to the stained area. Allow Stainblaster to soak in for a few seconds before proceeding. Most stains will disappear without further effort. Follow this by flushing with plenty of water and extract or blot dry.

If the stain persists after you have done these steps it means that the stain has been hard set by the customer or another carpet cleaner by using the wrong products to remove the stain. If this is the case you must now try to remove the stain with the heat transfer method.

Begin by filling a normal household steam iron with plain tap water. Set the iron at the lowest setting that will produce steam.

NOTE: Higher heat does not speed up the process and it will actually set the stain even harder.

Follow this by saturating the Kool Aid stain with the Stainblaster product. Next, lay a white 100% cotton towel saturated with water over the stain. Now set the pre-heated iron on top of the towel directly over the stained area. Do not apply pressure. Use the weight of the iron only. Allow iron to set on the towel approximately 20 to 40 seconds. Now remove the iron, and lift the towel from the carpet. You will notice that the stain is rising from the carpet and into the towel. Repeat these steps until the stain is completely removed from the carpet. Follow by flushing with plenty of water and extract or blot dry.

In Conclusion

These four stains are always considered extra cleaning services and should never be considered as a routine part of the customary carpet cleaning service. Remember that you didn't cause the problem, your customer did! This means being fair to yourself as well as your customer. You did not cause the problem so..."Do not undercharge".

Tip of the Month

Carpeted stairs can be tough to clean. In many cases they see as much traffic as a busy hallway. When quoting a cleaning job that involves the cleaning of carpeted stairs, try quoting per the step instead of quoting the staircase the same as your room charge. This method of charging is easy for the customer to understand and you will get a good and fair price for your services.

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