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HCR Liquid Carpet Detergents & Shampoo
Carpet Rugs & Upholstery Care Featuring Premium Extraction Liquid, LX Plus Extraction Detergent, Pro Choice 2000 Carpet Detergent and Sanitizer, Rinse Free Pro Rinse Agent, Spin Clean Plus High Solvent Carpet Bonnet Shampoo
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Premium Extraction Liquid

Builders and detergents, plus solvents quickly cut through soil and leave carpet clean and fresh, while built-in corrosion inhibitors protect your equipment. Premium Extraction Liquid is strong enough for commercial building and restaurant carpet, yet safe for residential carpet. This premium liquid is economical to use and cleans in hot, warm or cold water. Meets specifications for use on stain-resist carpet.

Truckmounts dilute 1 quart to 5 gallons water metered at 5 gallons per hour. Portables dilute with water at 1:640 for moderate soil and 1:320 with water for heavy soil.

pH 9

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LX Plus
LX Plus

LX Plus is Ideal for both truckmount and portable extraction systems LX Plus works fast and cleans even the heaviest soils. This liquid solution is instantly soluble in any water temperature and contains corrosion inhibitors to protect your equipment.

Use at a rate of one to two ounces per gallon water in portable equipment. For truckmount equipment combine one quart LX Plus with 5 gallons of water in the pre-mix tank and meter at 5 gallons per hour.

pH 10

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LX Plus
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Pro Choice 2000
Pro Choice 2000 Carpet Detergent & Sanitizer

Pro Choice 2000 is the concentrated carpet cleaner, sanitizer and deodorizer for hospital, institutional and industrial use. Pro Choice 2000 is low foaming and is formulated for use with extraction equipment. Reduces the growth of bacteria and eliminates malodors. This detergent is ideal for mold and mildew control. Recommended for use on synthetic fibers. Do not use on wool carpets. This detergent is EPA registered.

Portable extractors mix 2 ounces per gallon water for use as a sanitizing detergent.

pH 10

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Free Rinse Pro
Free Rinse Pro Rinse Agent

Designed for applications where zero residues or the removal of all or as much residue as possible is desired. This product should be added to the rinse water to remove build up and to control browning. The use of this product should be proceeded with the application of a prespray detergent.

Truckmounts mix 1 quart in 5 gallons of water and meter at 2 gallons per hour. Portables add 1 ounce per gallon water in solution tank.

pH 2.5

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Spin Clean Plus
Spin Clean Plus High Solvent Bonnet Shampoo

Spin Clean Plus produces very low foam that dries quickly for easy removal. Contains high solvents for use as drying agents to effectively remove grease, dirt and oil from carpets.

Mix 6 ounces per gallon warm water. Apply with a bonnet brush; bonnet pad or spray ahead of equipment using a pump type sprayer. Do not use in dry foam extractors.

pH 12.5

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