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The Contractors Corner
Understanding Pet Stain Removal
Urine Prespray & Liquid Live
Reasons for using one or the other or sometimes both
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Urine Prespray, Foaming Products, Liquids and Liquid Live Bacteria

Reasons for using one or the other or sometimes both and the New Kid on the Block, "Foaming Powders"

The first step in understanding the proper product to use when dealing with a complex problem like pet stain removal is having a good understanding of what you're up against. This means, whenever possible, ask the customer questions. You want to know what the animal has done to contaminate the carpet.

First of all, what kind of animal are we dealing with? Cat has special treatment methods and remember a male feline can spray up a wall as high as six feet, so it may not be only the carpet that is affected. Baseboards, drywall, thresholds, etc. All may be contaminated.

Dogs on the other hand can fill a favorite room with up to five gallons of urine per month. In this case, you are dealing with quantity. Feces may also be a problem in puppies and older canines.

Remember that you didn't cause the problem, your customer did! You may feel apathetic, but by all means do not be sympathetic. You can only deal in facts, but what the customer does not tell you must find out on your own. This can be a tricky situation especially when a customer won't talk and give you a real understanding of the situation. This is usually caused by a fear on the customer's part of the high price of fixing the problem. This can only lead to arguments later when the customer calls back and demands more pet treatment at your cost.

What the customer needs to know

The pet stain problem in your customer's home may have been going on for years. The reason they have called you could be that they are putting the house on the market or they are leasing or renting the house or they are just sick of the odor that the contamination has caused. Whatever the reason they are depending on you to fix the problem.

The first thing the customer should know is that it may take up to ten treatments before the problem is completely eliminated. There is no quick fix to a pet stain problem. Go over the reasons for this by using the information we have already covered. Give the customer a fair price for each treatment. Take into consideration your cost for examination and inspection, cleaning, chemical treatment, pad replacement, floor cleaning and sealing, drywall and baseboard cleaning, etc. This means being fair to yourself as well as your customer. Remember that you did not cause the problem, so be fair to your customer but..."Do not undercharge".

Draw on your experience

Have a good knowledge of when a carpet can be saved and when replacement is absolutely necessary. If you think that you can't fix the carpet by treating it tell the customer on the front end and give your reasons for your doubts.

Treating the stain and the odor

The two most popular methods of pet stain and odor removal are the liquid live bacteria method and the urine prespray method. Both are very effective individually and as a two-part treatment of the problem.

Liquid Live Bacteria is now available in 2 new formulas: P.E.T. and Activate. They both work by using a concentrated formula of selected strains of natural enzyme producing bacteria. These special strains of bacteria are extremely efficient at digesting organic waste to eliminate malodors. They consume organic matter to eliminate the odors at their source. They may be used on carpets, padding, tile, wood, vinyl, porcelain, concrete, metal, painted, surfaces. For a Liquid Live Bacteria to work effectively the affected area should be kept moist for at least 24 hours. Severe odors may require daily treatment for up to 10 days. Note: Shake jug of concentrate before using.

Special Note: Our customers have noted that in severe cases liquid live bacteria has actually dissolved feces on carpet which then makes it very easy to extract from the carpet.

Urine Prespray Liquid, know as Phlush at TSS, is known for its quick action at eliminating stain, ring and odor for complete removal of pet stains. Phlush Urine Prespray is loaded with quaternary ammonium that destroys and prevents odor caused by bacteria. Boosters contained in urine prespray make soluble the inherent ammonia salts that leave a distinctive ring around the stain. Acidic detergents are added to the formula for complete removal of any stain traces.

Phlush Urine Prespray works by first diluting the product at 1:20 with water and then spraying at 200 sq. ft. per gallon on affected areas. Allowing 10 minutes for chemical action. Proceed with detergent cleaning, rinse and then force dry. If odor persists inspect and treat sub-floor, padding, cushion or underlying material to remove source of the odor. Urine prespray is extremely effective in repetitive urine control and management.

When to use both products as a two part treatment

This does not mean mixing. Never mix two chemicals together. When a urine ring is left behind after treatment using a liquid live bacteria product, use the urine prespray to remove the ring.

The New Kid on the Block, Urine Pre-Spray Foaming Powder

Foam and Fizz is the name of the Urine Pre-Spray Foaming Powder that is now available at It harnesses the natural power of our atmosphere to destroy foul smells and satins without the use of heavy perfumes.

When mixing Foam and Fizz use one cup of product per gallon of hot water. Use the hottest water possible. Add the Foam and Fizz to the hot water right to the area to be treated and apply immediately. If using a 5-gallon mixing pail, do not add more than 3 gallons of water, to allow room in the pail for the product to bubble and foam.

Begin by following these directions: Saturate soiled carpet with the Foam and Fizz solution. Allow 30 minutes dwell time. Extract solution using a flood extraction tool, like the Water Claw,. Check for stain and odor and repeat if necessary. Extract carpet and dry.

Proceed with CAUTION when using Foam and Fizz. You should always test for color fastness and carpet delaminating before using. If the sub-floor is wood, plywood or particleboard, pre-inspect carefully as heavy urine deposits may have already damaged the sub-floor. W#hen treating a carpet over wood, use less solution and decrease dwell time to minimize potential floor damage.

Foam and Fizz is not recommended for wool, cotton or silk. Discard any unused solution, as it will loose strength quickly once it it mixed with water. Never place mixture in a closed container, as pressure could cause the container to burst.
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