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  Tennessee Specialty Supply, Inc. :: Pressure Washing Equipment :: PA RL204 BIG GUN Trigger Gun

  PA RL204 BIG GUN Trigger Gun #16547
PA RL204 BIG GUN Trigger Gun  PA RL204 BIG GUN Trigger Gun
PSI: 3200 psi
Flow: 53 GPM
Temperature Rating: 320 Deg. F
3/4" FPT Inlet X 1/2" FPT Outlet
Weight: 47.5 ounces
To order a lance see the BIG Stainless Steel Lances BSSL20, 20" and the BSSL40, 40".
To order by telephone call toll free 1-800-433-3879.
International number (901) 398-0107.

Weight5.00 lbs
Price: $ 615.30




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